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v o i c e

  • How are you my love? You're with your friend? Let me talk to him!

c h a t

  • I saw the link you sent me today, beautiful site! Tonight I will ...

e - m a i l

  • Hi, I like so much to read each day your e-mail, I am at work now and have just time ...

w e b c a m

  • Look! This is the new dress I bought. Do you like it?





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John Culbertson -

The majority of the women that serve as long distant imaginary girlfriends have skills in either acting or writing, but all of them are talented at bringing fantasy to life through the player's choice of email, text messages, postcards, hand written letters, and phone calls. Of course, the more time the player wants to spend with their pretend girlfriend and the more methods of communication they want her to engage in, the more expensive the virtual girl's charges will be. <...> Despite being just a game, many lonely men seeking companionship will be thrilled by how authentic and real the pretend relationships appear to be. In essence the game can provide a temporary escape from the pain and isolation of being alone or lonely. It isn't meant to act as a permanent solution to shyness and likewise it shouldn't be confused as being a dating site, dating agency, escort agency, or marriage agency.