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Do you need a girlfriend right now? Want to make your real girlfriend jealous? Your parents keep saying that you are still single? Just for your own personal fun?

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We have girls that will pretend to be your new girlfriend. They will call you, send emails, text messages, chat with you like they would be your girlfirend.

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v o i c e

  • How are you my love? You're with your friend? Let me talk to him!

c h a t

  • I saw the link you sent me today, beautiful site! Tonight I will ...

e - m a i l

  • Hi, I like so much to read each day your e-mail, I am at work now and have just time ...

w e b c a m

  • Look! This is the new dress I bought. Do you like it?





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Hannah Bayman -
What price the perfect woman?
A cash-strapped student in the US was the first to come up with the idea and the phenomenon quickly spread to eBay. Aimed at men too busy, lazy or shy to pull in person, virtual girlfriends offer the fun of a relationship without the hassle. Texts, emails, online chats and digital photos take the place of dates and other messy face-to-face bits. And the point? In the words of one virtual girlfriend, Kelly, 22: "Use me to get that someone jealous or someone off your back or simply a month of virtual flirting for your own amusement."